Would you like to make your original potteries?
 We have a studio where anyone can try making potteries or drawing on unglazed potteries.

1.Open hours
 9:30 - 12:30  ,13:00 - 16:00

2.Your choice
"Making Potteries"

  1)By Potter's wheel
  - You can shape potteries by using a potter's wheel and your hands.
  (Welcome to beginners)

  - You can shape potteries as you like by using your hands.

 "Drawing on unglazed potteries"

 (All potteries will be finished as Oribe ware)
  - You can draw as you like on unglazed potteries.

 Your potteries will be ready to pick up in 30-60days.
 (Or we will send you your potteries by your request.Shipping/handling fee will be charged with your payment.

"Making Potteries"(All prices shown per piece)
Japanese ter cups - \800up
Bowls for rice - \1,200up
Japanese ter bowls - \1,500
Vases - \2,000up
and other more.

"Drawing on unglazed potteries"
Japanese tea cups - \600
Bowls for rice - \700
6inches plates - \600
Coffee cups - \700
(S/H fee not included)

Reservations sequired for all guests.

In case of damage,we will refund your payment.
(We are not responsible for your handmade potteries.

S/H fee may vary according to the weight and the distance.
(Address in Japan only)
For reservation or further infomation,please call;(0572)-55-5527.