Mino-ware tradition Indutrial hall is located in Kujiri Area(Toki-city,GIFU),where has a glorious cultural heritage,known as the cradle of Mino-ware.
 This hall was built in order to protect Mino-ware and its culture;to grow the production of Mino-ware;to support local potters.
 We exhibit/sale variety of traditional/modern Mino-ware works made by local potters.
 We also have a studio where you can try making potteries or drawing on unglazed potteries for you to make your original work.

Open hours: 9:00 -16:30
(Closed on Monday-*National horidays are excepted.
      ;Day after National holidays.
      ;Dec.29 - Jan.3)
Phone:(0572)-55-5527  Fax:(0572)-55-7352

<Admission fee>

Adult                 \200(*\150)

Senior high school
/University student        \100(*\ 70)

/Junior high school student  \ 50(*\ 30)

(*Reduced fare are available for a group of 20 persons of more)